27. Mar, 2013


The infatuating silence,
Tranquillised Disappointment,
Despicable Me,
Shame bestowed on Society,
A walking disgrace,
An embarrassment to humanity,
Open book for all to see,
Laundry displayed for mankind,
No self worth,
Insufficient self value,
My own worst enemy,
A lack of confidence,
The doubts continually conflict my mind,
Depression over powers my soul,
I start to think I am not Good enough,
I start to hate myself,
I begin to inflict pain on myself,
Oppression becomes my best friend,
Isolation becomes my Lord,
The voices become louder!
My mind begins to crumble,
My ability to speak becomes an effort,
My voice begins to dissolve,
There got to a point where I thought I was going to die,
I was frustrated!
I had enough of the pain!
I was tired of being angry!
I decided to fight the voices!
I decided to Live!
Defeated the Dominating Doubts!
Day by Day I became stronger!
I began to have ambition,
But most of all the love of my Father!
I decided to let him in,
He slowly began to mend my broken heart!
All it took was for me to cry out for a change!
I was fed up of going downhill!
A change was needed in my destiny!

Today decide to fight every doubt or evil pronouncement upon your life! If you leave that doubt to grow then it would take over your life! Life is too short to be depressed! Just decide to live your life through him and he would take care of the rest. Its all in his hands.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi