2. Apr, 2013

I found out the Secret to all things in life!

Prayer is vital. The Master plan is praying always. We have become a temple of the Holy Spirit. This place shall be a temple for prayer of all nations. We are too busy and religious that we do the lords prayers and go home. That's not prayer. It is time to call ourselves to order and flog every merchandise out. We need discipline! You need to get angry with prayer less ness. Prayer is Life examination that you cannot afford to fail. This is lives Eternity. It has to be done with cautious effort. You need to work out the grace. Without prayer you are nothing! It doesn't come on it's own, you need to put in the work. If you need to drink coffee or have a shower to wake yourself up so you don't sleep then do so. Sometimes your the enemy of yourself. Our bodies can be lazy; they love comfort. Sometimes you don't feel like work because your body doesn't want to but you wake up because you consider what is at stake. Likewise pray because greater things are at stake. Do not take prayers for granted. No more excuses. Do something to help yourself! Refuse to let your miracle pass you by. There is no end to praying! There is no such thing as enough praying! Pray until it happens, then pray for the next miracle! Do not stop praying. Do not let someone else eat your inheritance. There is no law that says you must kneel down to pray; walk around; pounce around and pray into your destiny and future. Do not sit down idly and joke. No relaxing when a miracle happens; keep praying as when you let your guard down the enemy comes to attack. It is time for ease! You should not pray the day you like or feel like. It should be constant! Make it a habit! Pray Pray Pray!
Never Stop Praying! It is time to take our inheritance! Time to conqueror our land!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi