6. Apr, 2013

Flawless Plan

'Crede quod habes, et habes'

A plan so absolute. Faultless, Immaculate, Impeccable, Irreproachable, Perfectly Sound Strategy. An unblemished scheme carefully crafted by great minds. This plan takes diligence, wisdom and understanding. Time, sweat and energy transferred into an unimpaired plot. Your plan is your new born baby; that which you must nurse and feed until it grows into maturity. You cannot leave your baby until it can stand and walk on its own. You can't abandon your baby if you love it; can you? A plan dreamt from childhood and chased at in adulthood. Trails, doubts and temptations may come by but this plan shall not be moved. The faith and certitude in the method, would give the goal support. No matter how many people tell you that your proposal is a disaster; you keep going! You keep fighting for your dream and vision! Breathe life into your future! Do not let any negativity hold you back from achieving your destiny. Remember your game plan needs love and determination. You can't take your eyes off the gimmick. If you don't focus and purchase your plan into reality then someone else would run after it. Don't let no one steal your destiny! Be alert and observant! Know who you tell your dream to! It s not everyone you can trust! No more delay! Enough of dragging your feet!

Time to put your plan into action.
Action speaks louder than words.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi