25. Apr, 2013


Why is it that where ever you go people seem to act the same, dress the same and speak the same? All black girls or Mix Race girls rocking weave? All white girls looking like oranges? All boys wearing their pants down low? Where is the uniqueness in society? Where are those with their own individual voice? Where are the chosen race? Kids growing up to be Beyonce, Jay Z, Rihanna or 2 Pac or Giggs lol where is your individual aspiration or dream? Where is your identity? Do you know who you even are? Our Environment, Families, Institutions and Friends or Personal Experiences can either control us or influence us or hold us back from being who we are meant to be. When are we going to decide for ourself to do that which makes us happy? When are we going to get up off our lazy arses and stop making excuses! Yes we know you may have been through trials and tribulations but that doesn't mean you should stopping fighting for your greatness. Aren't you tired of suffering? Aren't you frustrated with how your life is! Don't you want to be proud of what you are doing and about who you are? Isn't it time to break our of that cycle of life and stand out and do something exceptional above the ordinary with your life? Wouldn't you like to leave your footprints on the world? It is time to stop letting society manipulate you and shine. Refuse to be part of statistics and be your own population. Be one of a kind! Let others see a difference within you. No one is telling you to not wear make up or bleach your hair or rock weave or dress how you like; All I am saying is do it for you! Do not do it to fit in! No matter what you wear or walk like, it would not change the you that is in your heart. No more being a sheep but decide to be the Shepard. You influence people and refuse to be easily mislead. After all its your choices in life that affect the way your life turns out! Remember there are always choices! Decide to make the right one.

Refuse to be a star and choose to be that one moon"

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi