31. Oct, 2013


Today I was set off to Wolverhampton for a job interview. I was praying all morning that God gives me the job, because I really needed it. After all, God's word say that 'he has already given it to us'; therefore I already have the job because that is my inheritance. However on arrival to my destination, my nerves began to take over my body and my mind. For a second I lost focus of the word that I have been meditating upon. It is so funny how when pressure and trials come along, we forget our inheritance and what the Lords report says. We forget that God has crafted success within us. Life is like an obstacle race. We are faced with various walls and obstructions but we have to remember that it is one of the many things in which we need to pass through to be victorious. One of our many abilities is to be able to overcome whatever obstacle because we are overcomes! Athletes who are made to run in the race of Faith.

(Back to the story! Don't loose track please lol this word is important.)

I told God that if this job is his will then I will get it but if not then there is something greater in store for my destiny.

The interview went really well and all that but unfortunately it was not the predestined job that I was supposed to undertake. When many things in life do not work out; We always shout at God that why is he so evil! That why couldn't he just allow you to have this one thing. We blame God for things gone wrong. However we forget that not all things we want is what is right. Your desire is not always what God desires for you. Rejection is not the end of your road but the beginning. When one door closes, Five more open.

Keep going! Do not stop! Your blessing is around the corner! The harvest is ripe for the picking!

Every rejection you are faced with, start to turn it around for your favour. Whether it be at work or in your various relationships or in your studies or business contracts or proposals. After all every thing worketh together for good. In the face of every rejection is an uplifting. Start to laugh at every issue you are faced with. Something greater is on its way.

Time to arise!
Stop Crying!
Start to Pray!

Never grow weary for your breakthrough is here.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi