15. Nov, 2013

You Cannot Run!

Detriments Deteriorate,
Rated Triumphs,
Mislead Aims,
Misplaced Ambitions,
Demented Dreams,
Atrocious Hopes,
Corrupted Faiths,
Ferocious Fates,
Taste of the unknown,
Hunger for the forbidden,
Rebellious Outrage,
Stubborn Youths,
Disobedient Adolescents,
Mistakes Multiply,
Errors Stimulate,
Impulsive Actions,
Diabolical Risks,
Tormented Decisions,
Fighting Destiny,
Running from him?
Abandoning your calling?

The more you run the worse it gets! There is no running from him. You cannot fight his plan for your life. Time to arise and take your place!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi