18. Nov, 2013

God's Plan

Forgotten Tastes,
Abased Smells,
Forbidden Touches,
False Theologies,
Misused Words,
Disturbing Thoughts,
Wrong Choices,
Failed Opportunities,
Corrupted Memoirs,
Painful Memories,
Disappointed Strategies,
Mislead Risks,
Impulsive Decisions,
Lost Destinies,
Abandoned Souls,
Disobedient Generations,
Reckless Youths,
Feeble Minds,
Immature Faiths,
Shaken Foundations!

How long will you be on this self destructive path?
When will you realise your responsibilities?
When will you stop running?

It is Time baby!
No more lurking in the dark shadows!

Go out and tell your stories!

We are not on this earth by accident but to fulfil our Fathers ultimate master plan.

Are you ready?

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi