18. Nov, 2013


I do not know about you, but I know why am here! I am placed on this planet for a reason. I am not here to please anyone. I am not here to follow the trends of the world but to be a trend setter. I am not here to be a sheep but a Shepard. I am not created to 'do as the Roman's do'. I cannot continue to be associated with people who do not love my God as much as I do. I refuse to do things and talk about things that would negatively impact my spiritual man. You can no longer serve two masters! You cannot satisfy your flesh and spirit!

I ask you today; Whose report will you believe? What team are you on? If you want to continue being a collector of materials things; then go on!

There is a limit to how much we can do! I can continue to tell you how great my God is but my teachings can only go half the journey you embark on. It is up to you to run with the word or to let time slip you by until you miss your breakthrough. I refuse to live my life with regret and missed opportunities!

I have spoken with the tongue of the learned and as it is written, I shall be justified by the words of my mouth. I ask that the word of God I have confessed begin to transform me to the original image God has designed me to be in his book. I ask that the blood of Jesus wipe every mark of reproach whether physical or spiritual. I ask for the blood of Jesus to erase every negative name you were ever called. I nullify every negative report made about you. I cease to be a picture of failure. I cease to be based, rejected, forsaken, desolate and downcast. I begin to manifest expressively every good thing God has written about me in his word. I begin to look fearfully and wonderfully made. I begin to operate at the head and not the tail. I begin to be a true worshipper of Jehovah El Shaddai and I begin from now to continually praise him and confess positively.

Whether I become a loner or have no friends I will continually praise him. I refuse to be easily influenced or pressured by the things of the World. I have decided to be on God's Team!

How about you?

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi