28. Nov, 2013

Destiny Calls

Satanic Cults,
Still Waters,
Solemn Winds,
Soiled Roots,
Silent Voices,
Slippery Slopes,
Stolen Dreams,
Suicidal Hearts,
Impure Thoughts,
Blinded Visions,
Corrupted Paths,
False Hersey,
Misleading Theories,
Wrong Choices,
Deceptive Words,
Cursed Generations,
Infested Environments,
Infected Piers,
Afflicted Souls,
Wicked Advice,
Unclean Habitations,
Vindictive Plans,
Destroyed Identities!
Tainted Destinies!

Over and over again the devil has told you lies about yourself that you have started to believe. He has made you feel like you have no worth or value. He has told you that you are stupid and will never amount to nothing. He has made you feel like you are not special or that no one loves or cares about you. He has infested your mind with ideas of impure desires. It has got to the point that we have started to believe his deadly lies and began to act them out. I will just like to tell you how special you are and that God loves you for who you are. Despite what you are doing or have done. Your mother and father may forsake you. You may have been abandoned and deserted but God will never leave you. He is there knocking on the door for you to open up. That best friend that hurt you; the boyfriend that dumped you; the foster mum that kicked you out; the man that raped you; Let go of all the pain and let Jesus in. He will eradicate all the anguish and turmoil. Only with God will you be complete. You can search the whole world and find nobody like him. With God all will make sense and all the pieces will fit. I pray that today all of you listen to that voice within and arise to your destiny!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi