30. Nov, 2013

Things Beyond our Control

There are times in our lives where we cannot explain why things have happened. We may ask God why me! What did I do to deserve this brutality and pain! No answer is black and white. Everything happens for a reason. All the pain and humiliation you have been through is a preparation to your destiny. Time, Cost and Love was hugely invested in vain but God will turn every failure into a profit. Enough of blaming yourself and crying. The time has come to arise and learn from your past experiences. God will give you the bone of your bone and the flesh of your flesh. God will bless you with someone who will love you unconditionally, respect and honor you. Many say a lesson is best learnt from experiences so take what has happened and use it for your advantage. This is far from the end of your life but the beginning. He will give you the ability to move on, forgive and love again. Do not let your past predicaments determine your future. You are called forth for signs and wonders, greatness, a woman of purpose, a role model in society, a holy nation, royal priest hood, a vessel for Christ. So no matter what issues come your way, you will overcome because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. God will give you a man after his heart and who will walk with you side by side. Someone with great potential, ambition, love, patience etc. A man who will understand you inside out and will adore you for who you are. Many things happen beyond out control but let me tell you that there is a breakthrough along the way. God is not abandoning you nor forsaking you - rather just know he is there watching you and guiding you. In him you will find peace and forgiveness. He will reveal the plans he has for you and in due time show you the one who will be an expression of his love.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi