2. Dec, 2013

How strong is your foundation?

Given Time,
Misused Resources,
Deprived Foundations,
Destined Generations,
Famished Childhoods,
Deserted Homes,
Stolen Dreams,
Wrong Crowds,
Pretentious Faiths,
Corrupted Values,
Diabolical Beliefs,
Globalised Alters,
Demented Shrines,
False Hopes,
Broken Promises,
Demolished Trust,
Toiled Emotions,
Abused Vermin,
Maltreated Hearts,
Taken Ambitions,
Ferocious Aims,
Tested Storms,
Cold Habitations,
Meaningless Symbols,
Drained Storms,
Lukewarm Souls,
Eroded Identities,
Silent Voices;

Many of us have got to the point in our lives where we forget our calling. So many of us have been pushed so hard that we cannot get back up again. We have lost faith in ourselves but most of all have taken our attention away from him. We have started to doubt his attributes and promises. We have began to believe the false teachings of the world. We have began to believe in science! I just want to tell you that no matter what is going on in your lives and past that our God is faithful and true. He will show up and turn every obstacle to breakthroughs! There is absolutely no one like him! The time of arising is now? How strong is your faith? No more rotting corpses! No more rainy days!

It is your time of breakthrough!

Open up your curtains and let the ray of sunshine in!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi