2. Dec, 2013

Decision Time

The question she asked herself was how does one change? What is change? How does one begin this theory of change? Where does change begin? Where does change end? Emerald came to a brief conclusion that change is neither felt; heard or imagined but change is life. Change is a turnaround in one’s destiny. Change is acknowledging your rights and wrongs and learning from the error of your ways and experiences. Once man makes mistakes then change would come.

Absorbed with guilt,
Satirized with despair,
Traumatized with anger,
Buried in sin,
Born to death,
Molded with pain,
Created with failure,
Formed in her 'likeness',
Chosen to defeated,
Doomed to sorrow,
Destined for madness,
Frustrated but desired,
Tomorrow's imbecile,
Today's loser,
Constantly doubting myself,
Enough of the negativity,
An end to starvation!
Enough of pleasing the world,

I decide to be me!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi