16. Dec, 2013

How Time Has Gone?

A murder I wrote,
A story I told,
Manipulative Lies,
Deceptive Tongues,
Seductive Eyes,
Misleading Mouths,
Captivating Words,
Corrupted Choices,
Heightened Emotions,
Lovers Spife,
Empty Souls,
Lost Youths,
Infected Environments,
Destroyed Homes,
Broken Dreams,
False Promises,
Stolen Choices,
Delusional Thoughts,
Doomed Days,
Failed Aspirations,
Laziness Detriments,
How time has gone?

Do not let time pass you by while you miss your blessing. Time to tap into the anointing and to grab every opportunity that comes your way.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi