17. Mar, 2014

What are you really chasing after?

We should be after Christ and not after man. We should look at our appearance what does it reflect, the image of God or the image of this world we live in. How we look on the outside mirrors how we are on the inside. We should reflect the image of God in our lives, we should be transparent like a crystal glass. Filled with God's love, God's anointing, God's spirit. Fill our minds with the word of God and not with things of this world. Ladies we are woman of virtue, woman of destiny, woman of purpose, woman of vision, woman of passion, woman on a mission, woman of favor, woman of mercy, woman of Grace, woman of God. We are to stand strong of God's word and believe that at God right time the right guy will come our way, you will know God will give you a sign or the Holy Spirit will speak to you if it's meant to be ore not. Just believe and have faith ladies. We are tooo expensive to be ripped off, think of how Jesus looks @ u and admires your inner and outer beauty. Whatsoever your hearts desire will surely come to past in Jesus name. Remember what you pray for let that also reflect in your own life style, God only see's the heart and rewards according to our deeds.


By Marian Adejokun ( my twin)