3. May, 2014

Rise Above Your Circumstances!

It does not matter what your past is or where you live or where you come from!

You gain success through determination to rise above the circumstances of your birth and environment'

It is time to dream and imagine a future better than your present!

1Corinthians 4vs 9-10

Jabez for example had one of the worst circumstances of birth, a man born with sorrow. He grew up with the history of sorrowfulness yet he made a success of his life. He cried out to God of Israel and rose above his circumstances and became more honourable than his brethren.

Look at Gideon born from the poorest family in the Manasseh. He was the least in his household however the angel told him to rise above his circumstances and deliver Israel.
Judges six verse 11 to 16

We all have circumstances in our lives but we cannot let it defile us nor define us but use it as an aid to our success!

Enough of falling flat on your face!

It is time to rise above your predicament and Issues!

Refuse to be oppressed and depressed!

Abraham Lincoln said 'when the occasion is piled high with difficulties we must arise with the occasion. As our cases are new, so we must think a new and act anew."

Are the circumstances of your past, present or environment pulling you back?

You must rise above them!

If you have never had a life's dream, vision or goal - it is time to do so.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

What is Plan A or B or C?

What is next in life!?

You have a colourful and bright future!

Be boundless without limitation!

It doesn't matter about your race or whether you have a disability! Degree or not!

Aim bigger!

You can do all things through Christ that strengthen's you!

Ask him for direction.
Dream beyond your wildest dreams!

If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Don't let your background pull you down.

I see you rising in the name of Jesus!

Yes circumstances of life may have taken a piece of you away but that does not mean life is over. You may have been betrayed, but that does not mean life is over. Indeed, you may be fighting your biggest battles ever, but that does not mean you should roll over. You may have failed in your academics and be loaded with strange delays, but that does not give you the odacity to give up!

Determine to rise above your circumstances!

Your world has not ended!

God is not done with you yet!

Your best days are still ahead!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi