11. Jul, 2014


The coldness refreshes my soul,
The wind tarnishes my lips,
The echoes in the darkness,
The sovereign mellows,
The whispering waves,
Nature plays her role,
The seasons perform to their mass potentials,
The light overpowers the darkness,
The faces fade to extinction,
Movements become catalysts,
Fighters become Vikings,
Authority to the Minority,
Devastation to Hope,
Fame to Freedom,
Orange to Black,
Youths to Socialights,
Victory lingers on their tongues,
Struggles RIP,
The forces eradicate survival,
Cowards departure the track,
The rain enlaces the stench,
The tide wipes the mind,
Power elevates their words;

Their eyes have finally opened!
We now have Hope!
Victory Alas!
Maze to Silence!
Silence to Gaze!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi