15. Jul, 2014

It is so Amazing


Do you see a pattern or is it just me?

I was just sitting on the subway on my way out and the strangest idea came into my head.

I just began to list all my siblings names only to find that we are all paired up with the same Letters of our names. Many may laugh and say so what it's a coincidence but to me I just see it as another way of God showing me that nothing is by accident.

Nothing just falls in your lap for no reason. People do not walk into your life for no reason. You being in this country is for a significance. You being in that university or college is not by accident. You loving to write or sing or act or paint is not for no reason. You are born into your family for a purpose!

Everything in your life is all part of his majestic plan. Stop letting the little things slip by waiting for the big gifts. Grasp everything that comes your way. He cannot bestow to you the big tidings until you value the small things. If you do not learn to value and appreciate the little, then you will waste the crown jewels. Stop crying for things that are right in front of you. It time to be observant!

Time to do all you can until you can do no more! Give it all you can! Stop shutting down and rejecting the blessings he has blessed you with because you believe you deserve better. Maybe it is not what you want but you must remember that your desires come secondary to what is right for you. Maybe the men that come to you are short or not to your potential standards; this is where you may miss your breakthrough! Stop closing the doors to your destinies! Enough of the regrets! No more let downs or missed opportunities!

Time to get connected so you do not miss his arrival!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi