19. Jul, 2014

The Mind is A Delicate Gift!

Well this has been a great month for me as God blessed me with another year in my life! For such a miracle that I am alive to see 21 years of life, I appreciate him. So many people are not fortunate to live this long. We are all so guilty of taking our essence of life for granted. The fact that I can walk, talk, hear, see and breathe on my own I thank him. This year has been an eye opener for me as many loved ones close to me have passed away or their loved ones are dying. To be honest, I had never grasped the concept of loosing someone close to me, until death knocked on my doorsteps. My entire life, I have never really appreciated the fact that me being alive is a miracle in itself.
Why am I not afflicted with a terminal disease?
Why am I not born with any disability?
Am I more significant that my neighbour?

The truth is it could have been you or me but God favoured you and me. God had mercy on us despite our shortcomings.

On my birthday I actually lost retrospect of the fact that my life alone is a testimony. Rather I began to pin point ways in which I have failed to be someone to leave her footprint on the world. I had so many dreams of what I wanted to do before I was 21 and who I wanted to be. Instead of rejoicing for life, I became depressed and tormented.

I was alone in a new country, I was alone, Barely anybody said happy birthday to me, I had not yet completed my check list, I had not reached my target weight, I was not graduating University, I was an outcast to humanity but most of all society. I wailed and groaned in misery for the things I failed to accomplish. I hated myself more than ever. My mind became consumed with the demons that tormented my yesterday. I was broken! No matter how hard I tried to pretend to be happy, I couldn’t. My new NY friends treated me for the whole weekend but yet I felt more alone than ever. There was this emptiness that consumed my entire entity. I couldn’t shake it! My mind became my battlefield. Old feelings began rushing back! In all this what I detested more, was the fact that I had no one to turn to! No one to tell me it will be okay. I hated myself for feeling this way but I rolled over and took it. My words began to leave my body. My power began to leave my soul but most of all my Joy began to depart my spirit. The voices became louder. I could no longer withstand my own shadow! All I saw in the mirror was a lost cause unfit for love! The pressure on my brain began to pound my skull. I was at the edge of silencing the voices when he showed up. He was there to pick up the pieces and make me whole again. At the brick of death he brought life! When I thought I couldn’t take it any more, he gave me strength!

I am still realising that I still have a long way to go and that he has great things in store for me. However life is a process! You must go through all sorts to be who you are meant to be. God has barely started with me and I want to give up? I have no choice! My life does not belong to me! To be a great leader you too must go through all sorts because you cannot lead the people where you have not been.

What we fail to comprehend is that the mind is a power element! If used in the wrong way, will either be your destroyer or saviour! People are cutting off their legs because they feel that it doesn’t feel right with their bodies. Others are making themselves paralysed because that is what will make them feel whole! How can you dispose of fully functioning legs that people are crying out for? Does it actually make sense? You are not disabled but yet you want to be? The devil is stealing their minds! The civilians are loosing the plot!
The congregation is walking on the wrong path!
The children are being led astray!
The youths are being brain washed!

The mind is a powerful force! It is time to start spreading the truth! It is time to arise and pray for them to find their way home!

If we do not arise then who will?

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi