25. Jul, 2014

Just Existing is No Life!

I do not know about you but I want more in life! I want a juicy life that I can make an impact.

Do you have this burning desire in your tummy that explodes from time to time?

Is it just me? Are you satisfied with where you are?

Are you not hungry for more?

Does your heart not say I need to give more?

This is your awakening time! All you sleepers and slumbers wake up!

All you cold hearts, I release a fire like never more!

Enough of being a meaningless symbol that drifts to and fro without fulfilling a purpose. It is time to dust off all the cobwebs and limitations holding you back!

The time to be who you are is now! Aren't you tired of being conformed to perceptions and institutions that corrupt your very faith? When will you do what God created you to do than to care of what people think or how silly you may look! Why are you so easily influenced by peoples opinions and perceptions! If God asked me to do something, I will do it! Time to stand up for what you believe in! Time to set the right example!

An end to conformity and peer pressure!

Let the world see you!

Aren't you fed up of waking up every morning to do something that does not make your heart sing?

For how long will you continue in that dead end ASDA or Lidil Job? Just to make ends meet?

Trust everybody knows me as the expert worker. I will work from ASDA, TKMAX, Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Theme Resorts, Retail. All manor of places for the sake of making money. Not only wasting time but my skills and talent. I am not saying do not work in those places but work their if your heart rejoices in that environment. As for me those industries were draining me and I began to loose my identity.

We must stop limiting ourselves.
Stop putting your creativity down!
Who said you are not good enough?
Who said you are stupid?

Do what makes your heart sing!

Rain or Shine I will locate my purpose!

Pay or No Pay I will pursue my calling! Time to start somewhere! Time to harvest into your dream and future!

Yes it will cost you - your money and time but is your happiness not worth it? Success will come!

In life there is a process cycle. You have to nurture your dream and invest before you see its profitability.

Time to Apply My 3D Theory (#Thanks Sis Marian)

Determination, Discipline, Drive

Things will not happen overnight! You cannot sleep there idly and expect it to come and meet you!

Time to work for it!

Enough of the laziness and the 'dry' excuses!

Time to get up and be pro active and apply my theory!

No matter how 'non-sexy' the road ahead is looking - Keep Going!

Do not stop until you get your breakthrough!

Time to start planning! There is no age limit!

Also do not be those who write their 10 goals at the new year then forgets or does not follow it through!

Ask for his help because on your own you do not have the strength to keep going!

Start Laying out Tactical (short - term) and Strategic (long-term) goals. Lay out your expectations every month! What do you want to see you achieve at each month? Set targets to know you have been successful! Be REALISTIC! Set yourself Milestones! It is not everybody you tell your dreams to!

From now on you will no longer be a drifter! You will no longer be a mir statistic or minority group!

You will enforce the right change in this world! Your creativity and talents will be brought to the light!

For all those that think they have no talent;

I will tell you that talent is not only singing or writing or acting or dancing or arts - talent is life! Your ability to talk to people and socialize or plan events or helping people or media or fashion/design or cooking or computers or science or helping prisoners - the list is endless. We all have it imbedded in our spirits.

Your candle shall light our youths for the world to see and know our God lives!

I dare all talents to come out of the darkness!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi