12. Aug, 2014

For You

Baby this is amazing! I am proud that you have made the first step! Now I need you to move on too step two.

You approach the ones that hurt you and tell them how they have wronged you - so this will prevent this happening to someone else.

Your experiences are just to build you up for the tough road ahead so that you are able to withstand the hardships and trails darted @ you. This will build up your faith and strengthen your relationship to rely on his sovereignty. Your pains will be someone else's gain - to be able to help others who have been hurt and tarnished to be able to forgive.

You are indeed blessed and pregnant with a great destiny! You are more than able to bear all things more than you know - because God has imbedded you with strength and love to withstand the evil days.

Jesus was rejected - mocked - crucified! But yet he forgave us! He still loves us despite our shortcomings! He forgave us!

So it doesn't matter what people do to you! You love them!
It doesn't matter what they call you! You still love them!
It doesn't matter how they look down on you! You still love them!

He will give you the strength to release!

Just one step at a time! One day at a time!

I love you! But most of all proud that you are courageous enough to take this big step to forgive'

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi