12. Aug, 2014

That We May Know Him

My prayer is that before we all leave here, that we may be saved and know him!

Depression is real! It will torment with your mind! It will steal your soul! It will pollute your oxygen! It will corrupt your humanity! It will demise your DNA! Most of all it will destroy your sanity!

It leaves you broken!

Suicide becomes your beck and call! The voices grow louder! The forces push you to do the indescribable!

What I am a survivor is; is to tell you that there is a better tomorrow! There is hope! There is that emanating ray of light that will mend the broken pieces! There is love that encompasses all our human understanding!

The drugs will not work!
The pain afflicted lasts for a moment in time!
The scars cannot be removed!
The skin cannot be covered!
You cannot clean yourself with ACID!

Nothing will work!
You can search the whole world and will find nothing!

Taking your life is not the answer!

I have a better solution for you!

His name is Jesus!

Trust me all will make sense when you come to him!

I love you guys!

If you need any advice or anything you are struggling with then email me!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi