21. Aug, 2014

My Allegory

All my life I have always wanted to come to New York. The lifestyle in New York is like nothing I have ever experienced in my entire entity of my existence. To the enormously tall skyscrapers, to the crowded streets, to the endless entertainments around each corner, to the filthy sublime subways, to the extra large sized combo platter; New York is filled with life but most of all potential. Every dawn of a new day brings prospects and potentials. A city so small but yet so big. Everything mankind can ever want is all bundled up in this culturally diverse and extrovert city. The world crawls from the north and south to see the city that never sleeps; no one can explain why they draw to her so much, no one can explain why the gravitational force compels them to be here. There is a mystery of all mysteries imbed in the soul of new york that cannot be comprehended to mere justification. There is just something indescribable and unattainable that no man can ever phantom of her greatness. Young and Old are drawn to her creation. From the rising of the sun to the dawning of a day, New York City remains the heart desire of humanities sovereignty.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi