1. Oct, 2014

Who Will Stand With Me?

The Time has Come?
The Predestined Hour,
The Chosen Day,
The Bestowed Year,
Destined Dawn,
Now honour's glamour,
Jewels to Emerald,
Sapphires Topaz,
Beauty to Ashes,
Mornings Joy,
Minorities Reign,
Convictions Reunion,
Life's Rain Dance,
Orderless Splendour,
Intensified Synthesis,
Disorders Detriment,
Confusions Condemned,
Deformities Desperation,
Depressions Deterioration,
Oppressions Outcry;

Hope now a foundation,
Power to the broken,
Knowledge to the congregation,
Set free from the darkness!
A mouthpiece bethroned to each vessel'

Now I ask you..

Will you stand with me?

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi