29. Oct, 2014

Unspoken 2

I have nothing to say,
Yet so much to say,
I have so much to give,
Yet nothing to give,
How the worlds dance on the umbilical cord of my tongue!

I have nothing to cry about,
Yet so much to weep about;

I mourn for the souls lost,
I cry out for the hungry,
How my heart bleeds in disarray,
How my eyes churn in desperation,
Broken Dreams,
Doomed Deems,
Destruction Reigns,
Corruptions Kingship,
Turmoils Coronation,
Failed Aims,
Lost Time,
Stolen Moments,
Missed Callings,
Misused Tools,
Grotesque Gifts,
Sublimities Melancholy,
Dementia's Infinity,
Captive Destinies,
Fallen Stars;

I Have Nothing To Say,
Yet So Much To Say.

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi