9. Feb, 2015


I can feel myself slipping away,
I am starting to loose sight of who I am,
Of who I am meant to become,
The harder I pull the quicker I let go,
The mere existence of my humanity is becoming a distant entity,
All my senses are slowing becoming annulled,
I don't know what to do to!
I don't know where to start!
I am just so angry!
I am just so fed up!
I have all these emotions but I have no idea what to do with them?
I am slowly derailing to an unknown phenomenon,
I am shouting but no one can hear me!
My spirit man is crying out in disarray but yet I turn a blind eye,
When did things get so bad?
How can I let things get this dark?
I am rewinding time over and over again but i have no idea when things went down hill!

Why does life have to have so much pain and heartache?
Why must we suffer?
Why is there so much heartbreak and hatred?
Why can't we all love and live in harmony?
Why is there so much racism and discrimination?
Why is there so much violence!
When did raves, drugs and toxics become a high life?
Why do we allow money to govern our souls?
When did we allow our mere sanity to eradicate to madness?

A new year - A new month - A new day!
We can decide to change!
We can choose a different path!
The choice is up to you!

Jasmine Cannon-Ikurusi