16. Feb, 2015

Image Deformity

When you look into the mirror, what do you see?
Who do you see?
Do you see you?
Do you see her?
Do you see him?
Answer me!
What is that image reflection that penetrates your soul?
What is the image that impinges your entity?

Is it someone you are proud of?
Is it someone you can boast of?
Is it all you have ever dreamed of?
Or is it a mistake that breathes destruction at dawn?
Is it an entity that reeks mayhem?

For the last time I ask you…
Look into your eyes that connects to your being and tell me who do you see?
Do you see the greatness deposited in you?
Do you see the light of the world?
Do you see the beautiful creation that God predestined you to be?

There has been countless situations in my life that pushed me to hate myself. It goes far beyond just hating what I looked like but how I felt in the inside of me.

I felt deformed, corrupted, disfigured, ugly, disgusting, morbid, dirty, fat, faded, meaningless, unworthy of love, deranged, mad, mentally unstable, paralysed, useless, stupid, most of all I felt like I was a mistake! I thought that really I was an oversight! God did not really mean to create someone like me! How could he make someone as deformed as me! I hated myself! I wanted to be someone else so bad! My inside nor outside matched! I hated God for making me this way! I use to tell myself that I was someone else! (lol how sad)

For the longest time I started to believe the lies! I started to conform to someone I was not called to be! I thought why not join them if I cannot be them! For a period it satisfied me; however not for long! That is the thing baby - you cannot run from who you are! God does not make mistakes! He created you to just be you! I have learnt to embrace my flawless for my greatness!

I learnt to stop complaining! I learnt to stop comparing! People can call you all manner of things! However the only thing that counts is what you call yourself when no one is looking!

Let the world see you like God does!
Beautiful Inside and and Out!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi