24. Feb, 2015

His Sovereignty

When I look in our world all I see is his amazing attributes! Science says we are all from the evolution of monkeys or the Big Bang theory! However there is a major flaw that the majority has left unanswered!
Where did these monkeys come from? Who created them?
If we evolved from the same breed of a monkey, then why are we all so different?
Why are there so many different races?
Why is there more than one gender?
Why do we all think and reason different?
Why is there different blood groups?
Why do we all have unique finger prints?
Why are there different body-shapes and features?
Why are we not all the same?

God in his sovereignty created each and everyone of us different!
Even twins have different finger prints!
God could have made us all identical however to show that he is God, he made each person Unique!
He knew us before we were created!
He put your destiny into you!
He called you into existence for a reason!
You were not placed here by mistake!
You were cultivated for greatness!

He made you just the way you are!
No need to alter yourself!
Just love yourself as he loves you!

It does not matter how many times you fall! He does not care about what you are doing or have done! He loves you!

You do not have to be anything but you!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi