11. Mar, 2015

Self Destruct

Sometimes it is so easy to break things than make things!
It is so much easier to destroy everything we touch!
After all what is the point of preserving artifacts when nothing in this world lasts forever?
What is the essence of restoring things that are doomed to failure?
What is the point of trying when you will not win?
What is the point of fighting when you will make no difference?
What is the point of speaking up when you will never be heard?
I ask you what is the point of all this?
All we do is create chaos and mayhem!
We are doomed to destruction!
Are new names should be called blame!
The Same!
That is all we will ever be and can ever be!
No matter how hard you try you just cannot seem to fight Mother Nature!
The gravitational pull is too strong!
The compulsion is too powerful!
The harder we pull the more she reels us in!
The story will always end the same!
No more redo's!
No more Hen-doe's!
Time is not on our side!
You are all out of options!

I was called self destruct by someone I looked up to for the longest of time! For most of my days I believed that, and thought that it was all I was and could ever be! Sometimes we get called all sorts of names and start to believe the lies!

You must know that no one knows you like you know yourself! You are not self destructible! You are not corruptible!

You are impeccable! God made you impermeable! Let no one tell you other wise!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi