16. Mar, 2015

Celebration of Motherhood!

To my heartbeat! One day is not enough to celebrate the legacy of your motherhood! I love you more than life itself! Thankyou for loving me! Thankyou for believing in me! Thankyou for being my support! Thankyou for never giving up on me! Most of all Thankyou for teaching me to love myself  I am honored to have a role model as yourself!

I just Love you Mummy...

I am lost for words!

I just want to take out this time to apologise...

I know you had so much dreams and aspirations for me! I know that I am not all you hoped I could be! Over and over again I let you down! Stole from you! Hurt you! Mocked you! Disrespected you! Over and Over Again! I let you down continously! I took your instructions for granted but most of all took your love for my amusemesnt! I turned your teachings into a war zone! I continually ingnored your warnings! I mistook your love for hatred! I thought you despised my very existence! Over and over again the doubts of your uncondidtional love infactuated my entity! I could not phantom how anyone could love a wreck like me! Mummy you are truly blessed! For sticking through the thick and thin! The cold and hot! For continually remaining on your knees! Who is truly like you?

You believed me when others didn't! You saw the real me when others had given up hope! You see me! You know me!

Thankyou for loving me when I did not love myself! Thankyou for seeing me like no other! My pillar, my support, my energy, my love, my best friend, my 'bank' lol, my secret weapon, my heartbeat...

You truly are the true definition of what a mother is. You did not leave nor abandon me! Wow you truly are strong!

How beautiful are you - inside and out! Thankyou for everything! It will take me eternity to fully appreciate you!

Happy Mothers Day Mummy!

Love you!