16. Mar, 2015

How have we become so busy?

How have we become so busy in our own desires and activities, that we have completely forgotten the well-being of our loved ones?
Everything that comes out of our mouths is me, me, me…
When did we become so selfish?

When did the whole world revolve around us?
All we seem to do is pursue our own pleasures!
I have become so accostomed to the rituals and traditions of the world that it has completely blinded me from seeing what is around me!
All I seem to be doing is trying to be successful and make it in life than checking up on my loved ones!

I do not know where I went wrong!
I do not know how I lost my way!
My whole entity and being resides on my purpose of helping the youths in our generation; yet I have completely lost focus of what I am working towards!

Yesterday I had some very disturbing news of someone I love very dearly. In fact she is like a little sister to me. She actually attempted to commit suicide!

How did I completely forget her? How can she pass through all those trails and calamities and have no one to talk to!

How are youths are crying out for someone to talk to!
We have all become so stuck up our own arses that we cannot simply pick up the phone or send a text to check on those we 'claim' to love! I am angry at myself most of all! I should have known something was up with her! I should have been there for her! No one should have to face this cold world alone! We need to give at least 10 mins of our day to see the wellbeing of others!

It is not only about you! At the end of the day God will hold you accountable! Everybody is placed in our lives for a reason! You knowing her or him is no accident! Time to spend time with you loved ones! Just saying hi will go a long way!

I remember when I tried to commit suicide! I felt worthless, useless, unloved, ugly, disgusting, dirty, unworthy! I could not take it no more! I was sick and tired! I wanted to end it all! I overdosed! I had no one to talk to! Trust me I know how it feels! However in the brink of my death, he showed up! I refused to be weak! My strength came from him! I had no one to help me but him - but just know that today, I am here if you ever want to talk! Loneliness can sometimes push us to depression! Just know you are not alone!

Baby you are not alone! We love you! You do not have to pass through the hardships and trails alone! I do not care what you are passing through! God will see you through! He has showed up in my life countless times! He has not forgotten you! He has not abandoned you! He loves you! You are not worthless! You have a purpose! You have a voice! You cannot give up! You cannot give in! Stay and fight! Give it all you can! Do not stop! Push through the pain!

You are stronger than you think! Believe in yourself like God does!

If anyone ever needs advice or talk.

Email me on msjasminecannon21rtwv@gmail.com

You are never alone!
Just know that someone loves you!

Have a good day!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi