9. Apr, 2015

I Desire The Things That Will Destroy Me”

Have you noticed that it is the things we love that lead us to our death.

The rhythmic sound it makes.
How she bellows for me to follow her,
I long for her poisonous words,
How I yearn for her brutal sighs,
The melancholy cling her tongue makes,
With every breath she sings,
I cannot shake her,
I cannot break away from her ties,
It is like the more I fight her,
The more I reprimand her,
The more I bottle her up,
The more she becomes more powerful.

She is my lord and I am her slave.

The saddest part, Is that I actually enjoy her maltreatment and abuses.
The pain is a fulfillment to my flesh. Day and night I meditate on her. Living without her makes my life that more incomplete.

How mesmerizing are your hypnotising games?

You are my master. You are my everything. I know that loving you is a betrayal to my very nature. I know that following you leads to a delay in my destiny. I know that obeying you is a conformity to my entity but yet I choose to remain steadfast in you. I am Intertwined with you and You are encrypted in me.

We all know right from wrong. In fact we have been told it countless times that it has become an irritating sound. The more they yap on about how wrong it is the better it feels. You know how our parents constantly tell us “do not go out”; “you are far too young to date - focus on your books”; “you must go to church”.

There is something that constantly wages war within us.
The battlefield is getting heated.
Souls are being lost.
Hearts are being set ablaze.
Birthrights have been traded in.
Deaths to generations.
Famine’s in the land.
How the voices are crying out in great distraught! Lives are being stolen by the hour.

We are all crying out for God to stop tempting us, when he is not the author of such things. Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death. (James 1:14;15)

What you spend most of your time doing or watching, is what you will be. All these desires are birthed from the things around us and the things that we allow.

It is a choice baby. You can start to change your way of life and incorporate a healthy lifestyle. If you want to live you will or if you love the odor that death obliterates then go on?

The question, you must ask yourself, is are you ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice?
Are you willing to give up all you have ever known to be who you have always been?

Do you want to continue loving the things that will lead to your death or will you chose life?

Sacrifice all of you or none of you!

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi