13. Apr, 2015


I was on my way today, to Milton Keynes for my interview at Buckingham University; Usually getting a 9am Virgin Train from Stoke of all places should be very quiet and empty. However to my greatest shock, the station was packed out. For the life in me, I did not realize how many people incubate this small town. So anyways, the train came and everyone got on in a rapid fashion. To the old women leaping on one foot - to the drooling toddlers / to the tired mothers - to the hungover students. Everyone rushed liked their life depended on it. As I began to walk down the train, I saw all sorts of people. All sorts of races, shapes and ages. The train was packed out. I was so annoyed because from Coach U all the way to B, there was no seats but we thank-god for reservations.

The first question that came to my head is why is everyone up so early? Where are they going to?

The second question was how do we fill up God's house like we fill up the trains? How do we gather the young, the old, the females, males, blacks, whites, asians; you name it into the church?

God started to tell me that people rush for trains because they know that they "need" that infrastructure to get to their predestined destination. People know that without making that journey they cannot get to their glory. People know that you must persevere the long hours it takes before you get there.

How is it that we are able to sit patiently and wait on the train to get to our designated destinations? We don't question why the train takes so long for it to reach Manchester? In fact we trust that the 2hours is 2hours! We do not doubt it! We believe it as absolute fact!

However when it comes to waiting on God, we have become so impatient and predisposed? We keep asking God why it is taking so long?

Do we all trust and rely on Virgin Trains more than we trust in God's ability?

Lastly, God was telling me that the only way for the church to fill up is if we empty out. Empty out all we know.
Unlearn all we are.
And welcome all.

The church needs a revival so that people can come because they know in order to get to their destination, they "need" to be there.

But How can they come when the church is "filled" with hypocrisy and false Heresy? When most church goers condemn rather than reprimand. They will only come when they feel like they can be free to be them.
A place with no condemnation but of love.

A place of truth but most of all a place that can take the people along through their pains, support them through their journey and aid them to their final destination.

Today there needs to be an Undoing!
Unlearning All!
An Emptying Out!
So we can be Filled Afresh!

The truth has been distorted beyond human comprehension. It has been passed down from generation to generation that "Jesus Loves You" which has been translated by mere humanity that "Jesus needs us". Whereby our true nature solely depends on God. Just like we need the Train to get to our destination, “WE NEED GOD.

The journey will not be completely smooth - oh yes there will be ups and downs but you are not alone.

All that you “need” can be found in him.

I hope today that you try to get on the right train.

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi