15. Apr, 2015

Life is so Funny!

Life is so funny sometimes. You know how you plan your whole day to go a certain way but suddenly your whole day can turn on its head. Life never seems to go the way we want it to. Most times it can be so frustrating as we took our time to plan it but God always seems to have a better plan for us.

For example my last year of university, I wanted to do a transfer program in China. My university had a free exchange program that i thought was most enticing but once God has called you to a certain place, no one can change it. I was so determined to go to China actually, as I thought this will look stella on my CV that I am indeed a global learner with multiple skills. However all that planning went out of the window. First of all the school in China did not exactly do the same modules I was doing so that would have required me to go back a year which would already be a setback to my year 5 year plan. After I was so sure, that I was leaving the country to go abroad, I left all that had ever known or had to pursue this new experience but to my greatest shock, God called me back to Stoke-on-Trent.

He knew that my purpose in that town was far from over. I do not believe that God makes mistakes. Once he puts you in a place, you must fulfill your purpose. Every land that we step on is not by accident. I realised that I will not and cannot move forward until I start to adhere to my true calling. Life is not about making the most money or living in the best house or driving the best car. My life all belongs to him. The more I pursued the things that I wanted, the worst my life became. A life without him was a life of hardship, struggles and turmoil. The further I ran away from him, the more issues I would get into. It is so funny how our peers will do the exact same things but will get away scot free. However when it came to Jasmine trying these things out, it will always backfire. The deeper I sank into the world and all its riches the more blinded and derailed I became to my purpose.

Just at the point when I thought life is over is when he showed up. The thing is, is that I cannot run nor hide because there is a calling upon my life that cannot be hidden under the sun.

Once God calls you no one can uncall you.

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi