19. Apr, 2015

Time Well Spent

The question is who or what do you hold most treasured in this world?

 What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

 Who is the first person you talk to when you get up?

 This is a matter I have struggled with over the centuries and I am still struggling with. Many students today can relate with me on this matter. I use to get up every morning and go about my daily routines and then squeeze in a random 30 minutes or so in my day to pray or read my bible. I use to only pray and read the word because it was a mandate to do. I saw it as an obligation and degradation. Reading the bible literally use to put me to sleep. I just thought that this was some boring old book that was out of date and had no meaning to my life. Literally every time I started to read it, I would fall asleep. I just could not see why people thought it was interesting. However, the more I was in the world and neglecting my faith, the more the word stood like a distant entity. The word seemed like a stranger to me. The words in the bible was like an encrypted code that I could not break. The more I tried to understand it the more confused I got. Eventually, I just gave up. That is how it is in our world today.

 When things get difficult, we give up! No one likes to live in a world of hardships! We all like an easy carefree life! We seem to only enjoy the things that the world deems fit as “understandable”. We love movies because it seems “understandable”! We love tv shows because it seems “understandable”. We love using the internet because it seems “understandable”. We only adhere to the things that relate to us. We only do the things we love! We only watch the things we want! We only read the things that we want!

 Life now has become this selfish entity! Me Me Me!

We only do the things that “we think would” benefit us.

 False hersey has spread from generation to generation that now we think that we do not “need” the word. Our human nature is the mere entity limiting us from our true nature.

 The world has confused us to the point that now when we hear the truth; we think that it is an unfamiliar language. The truth has been distorted to the point that the eyes of the innocent have become blind sighted.

We have become predisposed and saturated with the nicotinic noise.

We have traded in our mouthpiece for the “side piece”.

Our masterpiece is now his chess piece.

Our new identities are now “dumb and dumbo”.

 When did we allow things to get so bad? When did things become so detrimental?

 Our purpose was once are goal but now it is in the cold.

We traded in our callings for stallings.

We ended our race for a date with drake.

We sentenced our destinies to eternal rest.


Restitutions Conclusions,

Deformities Conformity,

Salvations Incarnation,

Gluttonies Education,

Manipulations Emigration;


Death are new Lord?

Suffocation are new Registration?

Lies are new Vaccination?


Baby the choice is up to you!

How will you start your day?

What you give most of your time to is who you will become!


By Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi