19. Jun, 2015


I can feel him lingering over my shoulder. I can taste his sweat a mile away. How deeply he breathes in and out. He has saturated all my senses and enslaved my thoughts. His entity is now my lord and savior. For the longest part I tried to not give in. With all of me I fought him but too no avail. I remember the wise words I was once told. I tried to meditate on it day and night. I tried to hold on for the life of me. I gave all I had to stand firm on his words. Day and night I waited but to no avail. How I longed for some sign of mercy. How I cried out night after night for some sort of redemption! Blemished as a lamb I stood before your throne. Diminished as a sacrifice pure before the thrown.

I am mortified to turn around. I can hear him breathing. I know he is there. I can feel him all around me. There is no where to run nor hide. I can no longer fight the feelings. I am not strong enough nor fast enough. I have to give in. I must give in.

How many of us can relate? Do you know that it is ok to be afraid? But the question is do you give in to the fear or deal with the emotion? For how long will we play lord to our emotions? Do you not know that greater is he that is in you? You can do all things! Fear is just that limitation force that hinders you from achieving greatness.

How many of you are willing to join me to take those first step?

It is time to turn around and face that person or situation and take control of your life.

Love MzRtwv

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi