5. Jul, 2015

Rear View

I have been on this race for way too long. In fact my rear view mirror has gone from clarity to charity. The view that was once clear for all to see has now become confused by all who abused. My sight has gone from Bruised,

My vision has served for Seth,
and Beth.
The goal that was once attainable is now displaceable.

It is like the road is never ending. I keep running. I keep chasing the dreams that was once Inspired,
I use to be able to see her ride along the road. I could nearly grab her air between my fingers. For the longest part she was in my arms reach. The abnormality was this close to becoming a reality. I could taste her sweet devouring splendor in her honeycomb. I could feel her tender tenacity melt like wax. How her breath could turn a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. How someone so close could be so far away.

I toiled until the sole beneath my feet boiled. The bloated blistering bloody wounds could not stop me. The scars inflicted on my back was a reminder of my struggle! My pain! My voice! My willow in the wilderness! The aching throbbing pains could not diminish my soul. I wailed! I mourned! I travailed like a woman in labor! Night after night! Day after day! Yet I was still unable to grab the impeccable! Deluded by the times! Concluded by the tries! Excluded by the rhymes!

I have been stuck in the same dream over and over again! I can see the black car speeding in front of me! She is on 100miles per hour whilst I am barely pushing 21! I am running! Panting! Sweating! Trying with all my might! Soul! Being! And Entity!

Trying to hold onto to something that can never be! Trying to hold that someone who was never me.

MzRTWV Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi