28. Jul, 2015

Drunk In Love

What is Love?
Is Love Amazing?
Or is Love just plain old painful?

Apparently there is a thin line between Love and Hate?
You can love someone so much and want to strangle them!
You can love someone so much that they can drive you crazy!
You can love someone with all of you, that it hurts so much!

Love can be so Horrendous,
And at the same time Terrifying?

What is Love to you I must ask?
How do you know when he or she loves you?
How do I look into your eyes and see me?
How do i look into your heart and feel you?

Is Love just a feeling?
I was told feelings come and go?
Isn’t love forever?

Or is Love a Knowing?
Shouldn’t that person know you and you know her?
Love should not feel like this!
Or should it?
Is it always this confusing?
Is Love Lust?
Is Love Lost?
Who even determines what Love is?
Who Made you Judge?
Who Crowned you Lord?
Who Coronated you King?

How do you know that what I am feeling is void?

How will we ever know?

Life is an entity that cannot be directed without Wisdom.
We need wisdom to direct us in all things.

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi Aka MzRTWV