3. Aug, 2015

Read The Label

You will not believe what happened to me the other day. I am even embarrassed to say what happen!

OMG it is really bad!

You to have promise that you will not laugh!

Ok here is how the story goes.

Everyone who knows me knows that I will not live without my coloured contact lenses. I even have 7 colours for each day of the week. It is not because I dislike my eyes but because I love the effect of how the colour enhances my eyes. With the use of contact lenses, I actually do not need to wear any makeup as it gives me this natural glow.

Anyways back to the story.

I realised that my eyes started to act up these past couple of days. My eyesight became blurry and I began to find it difficult to see. Typical me like’s to bare pain and act like nothing is up. However the pain became unbearable to handle. The torment began to have detrimental effects on my brain and body. The struggle to open my eyes became overwhelming. My eyes began to stick together constantly. The light began to irritate my eyes. This experience just reinstated the value of the things in life we take for granted. I never actually realised how vital my eyes where to me until it was taken away from me.

So the doctors came over that late night and told us that I had an eye infection. Many Nigerians will know it as “Apollo”. I was told that I had to remove my freshly new eyelashes as apparently the infection was all over it and making it worse. Everyone who knows me knows that my eyelashes and me are inseparable. However for the good of my health, I had to make the sacrifice Lol.

Well the following day my mum went out to go and buy my prescription. Silly me just opened up the bottle and poured it straight into my eyes “without reading the label”. I began to scream in agony. I did not think eye drops should hurt this bad but apparently everyone said as it was medicated; therefore it is meant to sting. As soon as I put that which I thought was eye drops in my eye, I could not open my eyes. I slowly found my bed and lay there. My eye started to deteriorate by the second.

In my heart, I could sense that something was wrong. This was not right.

From that moment on, everything went seriously wrong. I had lost my sight. It was awful but most of all a life long lesson. To go anywhere in the house my boy had to hold me like a blind person to find my way. In those short couple of days, I began to respect people that can look after themselves and live their lives without their sight. I began to be in awe of how strong they are! How they do not give up nor roll over based on their current situation but how they keep going and fighting for a better life. Their courage and strength should be admired through mankind.

Back to the story, so my sister Nancy read the label of the bottle that I actually used, which she found out was eardrops not eye drops.


Now I have realised that in life, we must read the labels and instructions before we do anything. Mistakes such as this can cause detrimental effects on us. This may be because we are in a hurry and not patient.

Today before you do anything or take any medication; stop and read the label.

This can be related to our everyday lives. We do things that we are unsure about constantly, when we actually have a manual and guide. The guide I am referring to, I can assure you that it has not let me down yet, and most definitely will not let you down. With the Word in my life, I can be directed and instructed to avoid those silly mistakes and to avoid detrimental effects on my destiny.

However, just know that there will be situation’s that will be unclear and may sometimes feel overwhelming but just know that you are not alone in this. He will surely be there every step of the way. All you have to do is wait and wait some more. He will show up!

He has no choice but to!

All you have to do is believe and have faith.

Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi Aka MzRTWV