30. Nov, 2015

The Cost Equation

I am sitting on the jubilee line train now; It has been such a long day at work. In fact I am tired to the point that I am unable to keep my eyes open. However something really wired caught my eye. Something that humanity has missed. I saw a young girl sitting across me. Maybe around the age of 20; feeble even. She had a look about her that the world would deem as unfit or probably a hazard case. However what I noticed was her knuckles. Her knuckles were bruised to the point that they looked broken. Her hands were torn up and bloody. The questions that shot through my head was what happened?

That was not just one punch! It was several! My girl has gone to war and back and is still standing. What I love about her is that despite her miniature size; she did not let it beat her down! She kept getting up despite the oppression. Despite her limitations she kept on going!

How many of us can say the same thing? How many of us looked adversity in the face and kept on going? Who out of all of us can cast the first stone?

We will not always have all that we are expected to have to go into this battlefield! The least qualified are them that he has called. Look at David against Goliath or Daniel in the lions den or better still Noah building the Ark. He is not looking for the strong in appearance nor the worlds definition of fit! He wants them all. The broken!
The lost!
The abandoned!
The confused!
It is time to come out!
No more living on the side lines nor by guidelines.

Will you keep going despite the broken knuckles?
Despite the bloody clothes?
Despite the wounds and inflicted scars?

When do you say enough is enough?
When do you say I would rather die trying than not try at all?
What will it cost you?
Are you ready or will you continue to make cheap excuses?

MzJcRtwv Aka Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi