30. Nov, 2015


We have no idea about the streets on which we walk on in London. Some paths we walk on, people have been murdered or slaughtered or even raped but most of all silenced to an early grave.

Yesterday morning there was blood splattered on the streets of hammer smith street; however today it is wiped clean like nothing has ever happened.

How funny is life?

We have no idea about the paths we walk on. Right now it may look crimson and white with rose petals scattered on it. However we know not of the secrets that have been hidden from generation to generation. Nothing is ever black and white.
There is always a story within the story.
A negative beneath the image.
The picture may look whole but never wholly made.

Some days before you step out, or decide on that next course or that next job - research!

Take a look inside the book and seek council on the path you choose.

Nothing is ever as it seems.

MzJcRtwv Aka Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi