10. Dec, 2015


Do you agree with them or do you agree with me?

Scenario one: after the men ridiculed me and cursed me, do you just walk away?


Scenario two: after the men ridiculed and cursed me, do you tell them to love and respect women as they too are significant specimens?

Which scenario is applicable to you?

I believe that if we fail to tell the men of their despicable ways; that they will continually do the same thing. I know change does not occur overnight but think about it, if one speaks up, others will follow. Many say, that there is no point but I say, that all it takes is for one person to take a stand for change to come. You can continue to dance alone or you can start a match to ignite a revolution.

The word shows how when Jesus was mocked and snarled upon, (read Matthew-John) he did not react harshly but responded with one word or proverb. He did not walk away but left them with a word that one day that word would multiple as a seed in their life and would eventually generate a change.

Reaction is key to scenarios like this. You can say the wrong word which would generate a war zone or you can wait - listen and say that word that lingers in your heart. Anger can cause many to do something hasty or respond incorrectly. Our feelings can lead us on a path that we need not encounter.

Having said all this, how would you react if that was you? Would you be spirit led or feeling led? Would you educate the deformity or praise the majority? Would you speak up and stand alone or roll over? Which would it be? Hasn't the time come whereby we stand on truth and blow the trumpet in the market place? For how long will we look down and do nothing?

Why don't you stand with me today and generate awareness in our world?

Today join me to put an end to oppressions reign!

MzJcRtwv Aka Miss Jasmine N Cannon-Ikurusi