14. Dec, 2015


Raise your hands if you have been through this?

Stand up if you know what it feels like to have your heart shattered into a million pieces?

You know that person that you love with all of your heart but yet you know that loving that person is so wrong?

Who know's how it feels, when you love something that is so bad for you but yet you long for it the more?

The more you abide with that soul, the more you loose a piece of yourself!
A piece of your heart!
A piece of your identity!
But most of all, you loose your soul!
A person so full of life but shadowed by death!
A heart so pure but yet deeply tainted!
A person that formed the true essence of love but derives creation in hate!
How love suspends on the two extreme ends of the coin!
Faith now down to chance!
Hope now bestowed to doubt!
Love now rendered to hate!
How does loving you become a detriment to my destiny?
A hinderance,
My limitation,
The stumbling block.
How can something that feels so right be so wrong?
How did loving you turn to hating myself?
Where did I go wrong by loving you?
How do I find the courage to bury all the memories and pack up my bags?
How do I move on when all I thought I had was in you?
How does loving you be this painful?
Why can't we just be and the world collide's?

I wish we could spend eternity together but destiny will not permit such an abomination!
We cannot be in this lifetime nor can we ever be but I pray that in letting you go, we find peace, love but most of all our identities.