14. Dec, 2015

Daddy It's Ok!

Sometimes I feel like shouting Daddy it's okay!
I am fine!
I am alright!
You do not have to worry!
It's not your fault!
There is nothing you or anyone could do.
Such is life.
All the money nor gifts in the world cannot take away what happened to me but just know I am ok and will be fine.

Parents love to worry. Moreover it's their task to take on our pains and burdens on their shoulders.

Many would suggest that it was my parents fault for sending me back home. However I know that everything happens for a reason. Nothing is black and white nor nothing can ever be hidden under the sun. Things happen that will make no sense. Sometimes you ask why me? What did I do to deserve such brutality and affliction? Many of us have still not had the answer we are looking for. Many of us may never get the answer but should this stop us from trying?

As you all know I went through hell and back for the two months that I stayed in a Nigerian institution. From drugs to molestation! This would have caused many individuals to loose their mind but most of all their identity. However I am not enabling my past to hold me back. Yes something bad happened but haven't others gone through worse? What gives me the right to take my life over something so cheap? Who gives me the right to give up? Nothing should ever stop you nor limit you from being who you are. Your past should not define your future. Rather use your pain and weakness to your advantage! Speak up and help our generation! You should not be ashamed but rather embrace it! Love yourself and forgive! Everyone makes mistakes but that should not hold you back from living nor dreaming.

We will no longer be defined by our scars!