14. Dec, 2015

I want to be a better "man"

I am sure many of us have heard this phrase mentioned on multiple occasions. Maybe by a lover or a father or a brother or a guardian or even a friend.

Sometimes it becomes so draining hearing this repeated line over and over again. You claiming you will change but ending up smashing my skull in again. I ask myself why do we stay? Why do we put up with the insults and abuses? Why do we continually allow ourselves to be oppressed and depressed? When did we slowly become an addict to his punishment game? How did pain now become our lord and savior?

The worst part is that, we become so blinded by the truth that we slowly become a porn piece to his chess piece! We allow our entities to become his destinies'.

When do you decide that enough is enough? How do you pack your bags and join the race for life?

I refuse to be your punching bag!
I have decided to be a better man!
Not because I am male but I choose to stand up for humanity! The isolated institution!
The silenced vocal cords!
I want you too see a true example of what man is called forth to be.