19. Dec, 2015

Is It Ok To Lose?

It's ok to lose sometimes!
It does not mean you are a failure or loser! Sometimes in those situations it further helps us to grow and train us and mold us into what we need to be.
In every failure I see it as one step closer to my success.
Sometimes in us always winning, we forget how to get better!
In every failure I see a lifting!
A step closer to what I need to be!
It builds my character!
It builds my integrity!
But most of all my essence!

I realized the other day, that I always get my way! I always win! Until I lost a monopoly game or a bowling game that I realized how much pride has taken the glory for my hard work! Skills and attributes that I once nurtured have been abandoned due to the fact that I always win. I forgot that winning does not stop there. You have to train! You have to take it to that next level! One must read, grow and feed to further mature to be all that they can be.

If you are sitting on the sofa now after attaining that degree, I advise you to get up! Take a further course or an internship! Get healthy! Join clubs! Be actively integrated in our society today and make a difference! Inspire, Conspire and Desire for More.

The journey has not come to an end! If you are somewhere and you think you know it all, take on a new activity or skill! Grow! Learn! Take on new challenges! Push yourself! Winning is not the end goal! Keep achieving! Keep dreaming! Be active!

Most of all run until you can't run no more and keep pushing, thriving for a better you!