26. Dec, 2015

Generational Outcry

How our ancestors cry out!
Have you not seen?
Have you not heard?
How we have forgotten how they labored!
How we forgot how they fought till World War 2!
From Slavery to Revolution,
Srffrogates to Freedom of Speech,
Intellect now birthed forth Equality,
Education raised Minorities,
Dedication created innovation,
How easily we forget!
The struggle,
The Pains!

So blinded to our individual desires that we overlook generational investments!
For how long will we continually make them same errors?

How did we go from equality to segregation?
What our ancestors fought for has now accounted for invalid ?

Why won't our generation arise and put an end to the deformities that the world seems as acceptable?

Why can't you arise and stand together and not apart?

Hasn't this war gone on for too long?
When will you say enough is enough!

Decide that 2016 will be a beginning to an end!
We stand together!
Black and White!

We are not defined by societies definition of what beauty is!

We are one!