26. Dec, 2015

A Piece of Me

Where do I start!
How do I begin!!
I am lost for words!
My 3rd Piece of the 7th Puzzle!

Yet everyone knows that is a quality that my persona lacks in characteristic credibility.
A woman known to speak in any season!
Yet in this one predicament, I lack the craft to formulate a sentence to describe how I am feeling!

A couple of days I received news that in reality can change anyone's mentality from sane to insanity! When I first received the news, I thought it was a joke! Every minute I would say "God that's enough now! You can cut the crap now!"

I would wake up and say nah this cannot be true! This is not the plan for my family! We cannot go through this again' No God you cannot feed us to the lions den and desert us!

It is like a piece of me is missing! I cannot find the strength to pick up the broken pieces of my entity! I can see the demolished shards of my heart scattered on the pavement! My soul weeps in agony! How can this happen? When! No! It cannot be!

I have cried and I am still crying! I do not know how to stop the tears! I do not know how to keep up with the charade! I don't know what to do with myself! I am hopeless! I am angry! But most of all useless to the dictation that society imposes as law and order! The pain only seems to grow worse! I cannot for the life of me know how this will get better! I see no way out! I cannot seem to hold down the vomit!

How do I be strong?
How do I go on when a piece of me is gone?
I have fought! But I end up fighting myself!
The worse part is having no one to talk to!
Just you, yourself and I in the darkness!

I know everything happens for a reason! I have to keep believing! That's all I have! My faith! That's all I have! My family must pull through! Others have been through worse and come out strong!

I know that my battles have far from started but I know that we will get through it!

I don't know what you may be passing through today! But I know it will get better! No storm lasts forever! You are not alone!
There is always sunshine after the rain!
If you stay with me, I can assure you, that things are going to get better!

You are just going to have to work that bit harder!

If we stand together! Then no one can take us apart!

Just know I am here if you ever need me!
Support You Name It!
You don't have to do this alone!