29. Dec, 2015

Can You See 2016?

I can hear your pain echo in the atmosphere,
I can see you,
I can feel your travails,
How the sense of your hatred eradicates shivers to my being,
To loose a love one can drive anyone to insanity,
One In which you ate with,
Lay with,
Gave with,
Planned with,
Futures intertwined,
Destinies inclined,
Only to have that person snatched from your inner court,
The Despair,
Depression an easy escape,
Suicide an insult to their kinship,
How do I move forward when all that I have was in you,
Where do I start?
How do I begin to start over?

I realized there is no guide book on how to deal with the lose of a loved one.
Everyday just seems that much harder. The pain seems to only magnify itself. To get out of bed is a struggle. All that plays on your mind is the memories! The good times! The reality hasn't hit yet! You relive the past over and over again! To be active is also an impairment to your detriment! Nothing seems to make sense in life anymore! Was all we had a lie? Why did you promise me the world, to only leave me isolated and alone!

You can continually bury yourself in the pain or you can do something about your current predicament! Even if you don't feel like getting up! Get UP! Get Active! Things are not going to get better straight away but I promise you that in time, they will. Push through the pains! You can do it! Tap into the great strengths that I know you have! Live! Get out of darkness! Step in the light! Dip your feet in the water! You have to fight for your life! Trials and tribulations want to break you down but you cannot let it!

This new year decide that nothing will stop you! You can do all things through Christ that strengthen you! Live for the living! You are worth more than Gold! You are created for greatness! 2016 has seen nothing yet.