14. Jan, 2016


For how long will you remain on the sidelines?
Afraid to join the race?
Are you worried you are not good enough?
Do you know, that you carry the creativity to succeed?
Or Do you just see yourself as worthless?
Do you know you have potential?
Don't you see what I see?
Can you feel it?

You have always known the truth but for some reason have decided to bury your head 10feet under!

When will you be all that you can be?
Baby you have so much to offer to this world but you have to believe!
I have sent great teachers to tell you of your greatness but yet you cannot see it?
Scholars have rendered your glory!
Nations have marveled at the wonders!
Kings has inquired about you!
Generations worship my craftsmanship!
But yet you do not see!
I cannot force you to see!
What can I say?
What can I do?
Just trust me!
Time to step out of that boat!
Do not look at the storms around you nor the sea that surrounds you!
Look into my eyes and know that I am God!
I need you to arise to your calling!
Our world needs you!
I will be there every step of the way!
Just have faith!
I have given you all that you need!

You cannot continue to remain on the sidelines and play the substitute player! I need you on the pitch! You cannot run nor hide from what you have been created to do. The time is now!

Dust off your football boots and get on the pitch!