14. Jan, 2016

Turn On The Light

So yesterday I enter my house and I try and turn on the stair lights but for some reason it is not working. I go to the fuse box to see if there is a reason for the predicament but no obvious suggestion stood out.

This resulted to me drawing to the conclusion that the downstairs lights were all at fault. Later on, I had to prepare my dinner, I didn't even try to turn on the kitchen lights as I thought all the light switches were broken, so I had to improvise with the use of my phone torch. The struggle was real!

Guess What! The next day, you would not believe what happened. Something told me to turn on the kitchen light! The kitchen light was working all along!

The question is, How did I miss that?!
How did I miss something so obvious?!

I was struggling in the darkness when all I ever needed was right in front of me.
Such is Life!

The answers we seek are neither hidden nor buried!

The answers in which you seek can be accessed!
You just need the right source!